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5 Best Gadgets to Keep Your Laptop Safe While Travelling

Traveling is such fun. Even work trips can be exciting if you love your job and your accommodation is nice. But one thing that stresses everybody out is having to keep their laptops and other gadgets safe during this time. A laptop with work information, for example, can be extremely stressful to look after.

Not to mention the fact that, at times, you have to work and you expose yourself and the valuable data. Here are some of the gadgets you could use to keep your laptop safe during travel.

A little forward thinking never hurt anybody, and while these preparations may seem to take up more time, you will come to understand that safety is more important than anything.

laptop - 5 Best Gadgets to Keep Your Laptop Safe While Travelling


1. A USB Wi-Fi Adapter

Your computer is more vulnerable when you connect to random Wi-Fi networks. And since little can be done nowadays without a good Internet connection, it goes without saying that you will have to go online at some point. Therefore, in order to keep safe, it would be best to get a USB Wi-Fi Adapter. It can be purchased before you travel and you can even check your own data provider’s offer for these devices.

This will be particularly useful when traveling to a country known for cybernetic attacks. Some of them can mimic the Wi-Fi connection in a location and can gain access to your computer, to your personal and work data.

2. A burner

Sometimes, the best way to keep your laptop safe is to leave it at home. This way, you can buy a cheap, second hand laptop you would not cry over when lost. If you are going on a business trip, you can only keep the necessary information at hand and you will have something to work on. Should you need some more information from your other computer, you can always ask a trusted person to send you an email with shared documents or files from your personal laptop.

Although it is not a security device per se, in the sense that it does not have a function that protects your laptop when turned on or attached, having a spare laptop can actually save you the headache of losing important data. And this stress-free situation can even be more valuable than the fact that you have easy access to some information.

3. A device tracker

This is not a gadget per se, but a software you install on your gadgets to find them. They are a great investment for moments when you are simply stressing about not being able to locate your laptop and it has only been misplaced, and moments when your laptop has actually been stolen.

Depending on the type of system you are getting, it can either locate your device or completely delete everything on it. Technically, this service is good for when the damage has been done and you need to do some damage management.

A Kensington lock

You might have seen some people leaving their laptops on desks like other people leave their bikes: secured with some sort of cable. That is the Kensington lock. The system is used to secure the laptop shut and to keep it tied to a larger object.

This way, if you are working in a different place instead of your own office, you can still go to the bathroom or leave your laptop unsupervised without being afraid of anyone getting access to your information.

kensington - 5 Best Gadgets to Keep Your Laptop Safe While Travelling

Removable media for important information

Similar to the burner method, another useful way of protecting your data consists of keeping all the more sensitive information on a removable media. This way, you can leave your laptop, but take the hard disk away with you. What is more, this creates a great diversion as anyone looking to steal information will most likely look for the laptop. This way, worst case scenario, the data will be safe.

external hdd - 5 Best Gadgets to Keep Your Laptop Safe While Travelling


Information is now the most valuable thing in the world. No wonder people are trying hard to keep it safe. And although we talked about business information you may have been entrusted with from your work place, your personal information is just as important. Here are the best ways to keep personal stuff away from prying eyes.