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About Us

In this digital world, almost everything is dependent on computer and technology. The computer and technology have redefined the way people do things in this world. Modernization has improved people’s way of life. Technology helps in business operations, education, entertainment, healthcare, and so much more.

In the next decades to come, technology will enter another phase of advancement. Virtual reality will flourish. Everything will be automated. Computers will be found everywhere. The world is a Wi-Fi hotspot. Everyone will be connected.

However, in every progress, there is a threat. Computers and the Internet are facing threats from various factors – viruses, malware, Trojans, hackers, fraudsters, phishers, scammers, and other cybercriminals. We need to do something to counter these people who wish to hinder progress.

VoIP Shield is one of the leading websites that provide reliable computer, network, and IT consulting services. We have been in service since 2000. With more than 15 years of unquestionable expertise, we continue to help individuals, businesses, and organizations improve their efficiency and productivity by protecting their computers, networks, and systems from any internal and external threats.

VoIP Shield is composed of certified PC technicians, IT consultants, and technology experts who work hand-in-hand to provide utmost quality services.

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Computer Repair & Maintenance

VoIP Shield provides the best computer repair and maintenance services. We specialize in virus protection, disk cleanup, operating system and software update, drive defragmentation, and troubleshooting. We maintain your computer to ensure maximum performance. We also do PC reboot or reformat, among others.

Network Troubleshooting

Do you have problems with your network and server? VoIP Shield provides assistance on configurations of network hardware, ISP settings, Wi-Fi, internet connection, and wireless networks, among others.

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IT Consulting

IT consulting is one of our strengths. We provide computer and technology consultancy services for businesses and organizations to help them achieve their goals and objectives. Apart from IT advice, we estimate, implement, and administer IT systems which will maximize business operations.

Maximum Security & Protection

Prevent security risks and threats from attacking your computer, network, and system. VoIP Shield specializes in providing maximum security and protection. We are 100% expert and knowledgeable of measures and strategies to get rid of hackers, phishers, identity thieves, fraudsters, and other cybercriminals that pose a threat to your computer system.

Online Community

You can also join our online community where you can interact with PC technicians, IT consultants, and technology experts. Use this community as an avenue for you to raise your queries, concerns, and ideas about computers and technology. Over 250,000 individuals and organizations trust VoIP Shield as their source of utmost PC care and IT security knowledge.

Above all these, we are also dedicated to providing news and information about the latest in the digital world. We provide you updates about the best computers and laptops, new releases, breakthrough technologies, your favorite brands of smartphones, the newest IT security programs, and anything related to technology. You can also find here essential tips, advice, and guides.

We are hoping that VoIP Shield can improve your knowledge about computer, technology and IT security.

Thank you!